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This is a place where girls and boys from all regions of our former joint Republic, that border the Adriatic Sea, gather together.

Here you can find Slovenians, Croatians, Bosnians, Macedonians, as well as hot and horny Serbs.

Društvo se ovdje svakodnevno okuplja od jutarnjih sati.

Klikni na ulaz na chat 3 i razbucaj ekipu samo tako!

Today, Messenger is launching free VOIP video calling over cellular and wifi connections on i OS and Android in the U. Facebook’s goal is to connect people face to face no matter where they are or what mobile connection they have.

With Messenger, someone on a new i Phone with strong LTE in San Francisco could video chat with someone on a low-end Android with a few bars of 3G in Nigeria.

Tap the icon to see the messages, tap again to close the chat.

You can only see the message history while you’re in the call.

Bringing it to mobile could Messenger a serious competitor to i OS-only Face Time, clunky Skype, and less-ubiquitous Google Hangouts.Recruiters and hiring managers are no longer bogged down with traditional screening methods that offer limited predictive value.Recruiters and hiring managers can work collaboratively in choosing candidates at any stage by having great videos delivered to them to both simplify, and yet enhance, your recruitment process.Enjoy the flexibility of interviewing with our live, automated and video pitch Cammio products that offer a solution for any time zone, level of seniority and interview stage.On top of that, we offer great features such as scheduling, personality insights and real-time recruitment analytics.

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