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De Franse makelaars krijgen inderdaad een commissie maar doen ook een heel pak (administratief en ander) werk, helpen jou met al je vragen en zijn goede bemiddelaars tussen koper en verkoper. Een lager bod uitbrengen is dus aangewezen en wordt vaak aanvaard.There is one of those for sale also, and not selling for 3 listings. I've always wanted to do some landscape shooting from the air. In LF, I'm shopping for a new 8x10, but I don't know what I want and I don't want to buy something just for the name.

They will collect from Sheffiled but I imagine they'd knock 20 off the price they would offer you, because of the cost of fetching it.

So thusly, Linhof made the "ideal" LF camera for that purpose ;) There is a far more cost effective alternative from post WWII in the less known Printex 4x5. Use a different lens than what it came with and be ecstatic. So thusly, Linhof made the "ideal" LF camera for that purpose ;) i'd combine this with 8-10 grafmatic holders, or preferably; kinematic holders(10 shot ones) The virtue of the Linhof Aerial is its lenses and rigid body.

The fundamental of aerial photography is a fast lens which is great wide-open and no bellows. I see many cameras and camera accessories I want but cannot afford or pick up. Actually any "all" Linhof kit with the proper tripod and select lenses is going to be the best IMHO. 58776-This-is-a-new-one-to-me-Century-Imperial-View-Unit-1924 Possibly the only time I have been jealous of someone else's camera. I made something functionally equivalent using a 3" Biogon lens shown here. 95849I always wanted to shoot with the Nunn Baker 10x8.

Or you could advertise it right here on the forum, or on other online websites, the local paper ....

if it's dead, I would suggest the local scrap merchant.

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