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Online dating has its issues, please don't make me have to pull teeth to get an initial... I enjoy the theatre, movies, romantic dinners and romantic getaways and seeing new places.

Here's where you can meet singles in Woodbury, Connecticut.

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The original film featured the screenwriting and acting debuts of Woody Allen and starred Peter O’Toole as a notorious womanizer who, in order to remain faithful to his wife, enlists the help of a psychoanalyst played by Peter Sellers.

For the sequel (written and directed by Rod Amateau for producer Jerry Bresler), Ian Mc Shane stars as a young playwright, Fred C.

When Fred and a date escape to the countryside at the same time a big Hollywood star (John Gavin spoofing Rock Hudson as “Grant Granite”) arrives desperate to close a deal for one of Fred’s plays, virtually the entire cast ends up following him, leading to a screwball chase through the Cinecittà Studios backlot set of a spaghetti western.

For Lalo Schifrin, even becomes the punch line for a gag (track 14).

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