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But since there are always two sides to every coin, I’ve decided to enlighten our readers on the events that make the members seem less First up is Jun Jin’s erection while performing his solo track Wa in 2008.I’ve made the pics smaller in case of younger and less prepared audiences. Well, HYS got into a dispute with the crew at Myung Wol and flew back to the US while filming, leaving Eric in a compromising position as the male lead. Hats off to the writer and director that this drama will keep your mind works because of analyzing each episode scenes from flashbacks to present and vice versa at the same time maintaining the romance and comedic acts!!! I can't imagine anyone else playing Shi Won besides Eunji. It brought me back to my memories of my first love and the innocence of youth. I feel sad for Tae woong's character, why let him wait for 6 years. I'm your kind of people, I don't like watching something that has no theme, but I tried to watch this and this is honestly THE BEST WRITTEN DRAMA I've ever watched. They are so cute fighting and love each other..know each other so well.. Thank you for this amazing beautiful & heartwarming drama.. Hope to see these pair again in other drama/movies.. and now I remembered, he is one of the cast in My Lovely Girl.I can't believe it's Hoya! I'll start knowing Infinite more (because I only know L..)! Not going o watch reply 1988 ever Cleverly done kdrama!!! Because of this drama that I was introduced to my beautiful ultimate bias Eunji. I wish Inguk and Eunji would play in another drama together. Joon Hee got me crying the most, especially that scene where he confessed and Yoon Je took it as a joke.. Although this drama is super predictable, I love the emotions and laughter that it brought me. WARNING: SPOILER maybe it's just me, but the ending is predictable and heartbreaking as well. Then I just give it a chance because I don't have anything to watch.I got addicted..every Ep is really exciting.. To anyone who normally don't enjoy watching Slice-of-life dramas and have doubts, please end your worries now. he's always super adorable when he plays a high schooler. All throughout watching this drama, I'm always guessing what's the real name of boy there named Kang Joon-Hee, because his face is so familiar..fangirling, watching concert, fanwar, writing (m-rated) fanfic, and even at the part the our love for those idols we love finally help us to get into college and find a job. I thought I would get over this drama in a couple of months after watching it. I really miss the cast, I'm so close to re-watching it. Nostalgic and heartwarming at the same time, the characters have good chemistry and made me miss my high school time so much! 2) There are several touching and unique love stories (even one-side love). Watched it for 4th times already but i still love every f-ing episode though i knew what will happen next. When i first watch it, i love the ideas how they want us to guess who Shi-Won will choose in the end.

This entry was posted on April 8, 2012, in Uncategorized and tagged Andy Lee, awkward, embarrassing moments, Eric Mun, Jun Jin, Kim Dong-wan, Korean boy band, Lee Min-woo, Shin Hye-sung, Shinhwa, Venus. Shinhwa is the longest running South Korean boy band with no line-up changes.He was with Top Class Entertainment from 2007 to December 2013.In 2014, Mun and his manager of 10 years, Lee Jong-hyun, set up a new management agency, E&J Entertainment, for his individual activities.The group debuted on 24 March 1998 with six members: Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee.I was going to review their latest comeback with Venus.

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