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Since it was stumbled upon by Portugal, it has passed through more owners than a BMW on a south London car lot: Holland, France and – until 1968 – Britain.You will find folk of Indian, African, Chinese and European descent; Hindus, Muslims, Christians.Mauritius says it will do all it can to search its Indian Ocean waters for possible debris from Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370, after wreckage washed up on nearby La Reunion island."We have responded positively to a request from the government of Malaysia," deputy prime minister Xavier-Luc Duval said."Every effort will be undertaken to locate any debris."Coastguard ships were deployed Monday in the search, while appeals were made to private boats and fishermen to inform police if they sighted any possible wreckage, Mr Duval said.Mauritius may be small in size, but it is perfectly formed and packs a big punch when it comes to history and culture.This tropical island has some of the world’s most stylish hotels, gracing its white sandy beaches and turquoise shores and offers resort style with elegance and charm.

One of the most popular destinations on the island is Grand Bay.If the serial number on the flaperon confirms it is from flight MH370, the laboratory can then use sophisticated tools to try to glean more information about the causes of the crash, such as whether its shape corresponds more to a mid-air explosion or a crash into the ocean.A fragment of luggage that was also found in the area is with the aircraft debris in France for specialist DNA testing.The national emblem of Mauritius, celebrated on the flag and every tourist trinket, is the dodo.It was endemic to the island, but it still seems an odd choice, this feathered symbol of death and extinction, for not only is Mauritius very much alive and squawking, it is the future of the world.

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