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Affiliate programs are offered by individuals or companies that want to market a product but do not necessarily want to pay an extreme amount in online advertising costs or who may not have immediate access to the audience they require without spending vast amounts of money.

Rather than spend millions of pounds on advertising, the entity that owns the affiliate business will pay individual marketers a commission to market its product on the web.

With the CPL model you earn money for every signup of a new member and with the CPO model you get a commission if a referred member makes a sale (= paid membership).

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As the title implies, an affiliate business model is one that describes the business relationship between two parties.

In some sense, the two affiliated parties are entering into a business relationship that it is designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

In the monetization of dating traffic, publisher can choose from a wide range of dating-websites: from reputable premium networks up to casual affair portals you will find a big variety of affiliate programs in this area.

On this page you find useful information for making money with dating sites: Commissions: In the dating market there are two dominant forms of affiliate compensation: CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPO (Cost Per Order or Sale).

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