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I have an entry for the number of items i want to buy.

This number can contain a variable number of decimals, decided by a Decimal Code field, that can be 1,2 or 3 decimals.

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Hi there, I know that the abide component for Foundation 6.3.1 has three options to stop error checking on fields, those being "disabled", "data-abide-ignore", and "type='hidden'".

I have tested and understand that inputs containing any of these are ignored, so if they're hidden in a dynamic form and have this attribute, they won't be validated.

Once the field becomes visible, I'd like to validate these fields again, however.

Make sure the previous version of your script is installed and enabled, so you see your translations. In Validator click answer the questions if any and generate updated localization pack.

Note that all your translations will be preserved in this updated script and all new/changed strings will be marked with "TODO". " section above for more details. v1.1.20:- Fixed #23 Unconfirmed road v1.1.19:- Fixed WME Beta- Fixed icons in segment properties- The work is still in progress... v1.1.18:- Fixed Firefox browser- Added Validator tab v1.1.17:- Fixed (some) icons- Fixed (some) event handlers v1.1.16:- Fixed Firefox browser (thanks to Glodenox)- Updated CZ localizations v1.1.15:- Updated US and CZ localizations v1.1.14:- Updated styles to match the latest WME- Updated for PL #171 and #52- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation' v1.1.13:- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation'- Added 'At the bottom' option v1.1.10:- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation'- Minor update: latest WME compatibility.- Removed 'Two-way segments by default' option v1.1.6:- Updated for PL #171 'Street name abbreviations'- Disabled for IL #109 'Too short segment' v1.1.5:- Temporary disabled #36, 37 (Unneded node A/B)- Fixed the crash on a new segment save v1.1.3:- Updated Polish translations thanks to Zniwek- Enabled for ES #130-133 'Custom lock levels'- Updated #114 and #115 'Non-drivable connected to drivable': excluded Railroads v1.1.2:- Disabled for IL #28 'Street name on two-way Ramp'- Updated Polish abbreviations- Fixed custom checks #135-139- Updated Spanish translations thanks to robindlc- Enabled for NL #150-154 'Lock levels'- Updated segment properties UI v1.1.1:- Fixed 'Two-way segments by default' option v1.1.0:- Compatibility with beta WME Note: some checks are still disabled- Updated for BE #160 'Incorrect Freeway name'- Disabled for IL #91 'Two-way Ramp segment'- Removed 1 sec startup delay introduced in v0.6.2 v1.0.4:- Temporary disabled #44, #45 and #50.

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