Backdating council tax benefit uk

You will need to submit your request for a backdate in writing and show that you had continuous 'good cause' for failing to make an earlier claim.You can request backdated benefit on the benefit claim form or via a letter.A typical reason is when the claimant's income turns out to have been higher for a past period, which means that they were entitled to a reduced level of benefit.The following facts are established: The benefit claimant will then receive a letter from the council with details of the overpayment.If your backdating application is successful we will send you a letter explaining any adjustments that have been made to your claim.

Unfortunately, 'not knowing' that you could have made a claim is not, by itself, a good enough reason to allow backdating.There is no time limit in which to submit a council tax support appeal.Overpayments of benefit can occur both in housing benefit and council tax support.When we receive your backdated application we will decide whether to allow or refuse your request based on the information you have provided.In some cases we may need to request that you supply evidence to support your claim.

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